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Be an Informed Homeowner

Whether you are a new homeowner or you have some years under your belt, homeowners insurance can be confusing. Purchasing a home is a lot of money and covering this investment is very important.

So why should a homeowner get homeowners insurance?

Insuring your home isn’t a government requirement. But most, if not all, mortgage lenders require you to get some form of insurance coverage for your home. They require this to cover their investment on your property.

Even without a mortgage, homeowners insurance is a good idea. It will protect your investment for a number of reasons. If any damage to your home has occurred because of a storm or fire, you are covered to rebuild or fix your property. It can also cover things within your home and outside your home. Damaged property can be covered, or stolen property can be covered as well.

Homeowners can also help you with personal liability. Say someone trips or hurts themselves on your property, your homeowners policy can help protect you and pay for those who were hurt.

There are a few types of homeowners insurance to choose from; so it is best to talk to your insurer and decide which policy will best fit your needs. It is important to know that homeowner policies do not include protection for flooding, earthquakes, landslides, mold, infestations, wear and tear, nuclear hazard, or government action. Flood insurance and earthquake insurance is available as a separate policy.

Buying a home can be stressful and owning a home you might not think about how you’re protected. Be sure to check all your options and find the policy that will put your mind at ease. A home is probably your biggest investment, be sure to protect it. Give one of our trained customer service representatives a call today and receive a quote. At Kattan Ferretti, we want you to feel protected!

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