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Coverage Options

This enables customers to customize the policy and increase coverage limits to ensure they are getting the right protection for their needs. For just pennies a day, you can boost your auto coverage, making a great auto insurance policy even better – ensuring you have coverage to get your vehicle repaired after a covered accident. No one plans to have an auto claim, but if you do, you’ll be glad you added ERIE Auto Plus.

With ERIE Auto Plus, you get:

  • Diminishing Deductible
  • Additional days of transportation expense coverage
  • Waived deductible in certain situations
  • Increased coverage limits
  • A death benefit
  • Extraordinary medical benefits

Roadside Assistance

  • Reimbursement for Towing
    • Reimburses you for reasonable and required labor costs at the site of breakdown when your auto is disabled.
  • Locksmith Service
    • We will pay up to $50 for locksmith charges if your keys are accidentally locked in your covered auto.

Pet Protection

If your pet gets hurt in an accident while riding in your car, we’ll help cover vet treatment costs. (Up to $500 per pet, total limit $1,000)

Ride Share

We eliminate the longstanding confusion over what’s covered and when. With ERIE’s coverage, the driver has insurance coverage during every part of the trip—before, during and after the hired ride. The coverage is available to people who put a “business use” designation on their personal car insurance policy.

First Accident Forgiveness

ERIE will forgive the surcharge on the first at-fault accident which is presented on an ERIE Pennsylvania private passenger auto policy after the policy has been in force for three years.

RateLock Protection

ERIE RateLock gives you a chance to lock in a competitive premium on your auto insurance so you’ll pay the same amount year after year.  Even if you have a claim, your rates won’t change until you make certain changes to your policy:

  • Add or remove a vehicle from your policy
  • Add or remove a driver from your policy
  • Change your primary residence
  • Change policy coverages or pay plan
  • New Vehicle Replacement Coverage – applies to an owned private passenger auto which was not previously titled and is totaled within 24 months of acquisition.
  • Better Vehicle Replacement Coverage – applies to an older owned private passenger auto which does not qualify for New Replacement Vehicle Coverage.
  • Repair Coverage – pays for repairs without a deduction for depreciation for a covered loss other than a total loss.
  • Auto Lease/Loan Security Coverage – pays the unpaid balance on a lease or loan for a covered auto in the event of a total loss.

Coverage for your legal liability for property damage claims brought against you.

Coverage for damage to your auto and its equipment caused by collision or upset.

Coverage for damage to your car and its equipment not caused by collision or upset. This includes, damage from fire, theft, glass breakage, vandalism and damage that results from contact with persons, animals, birds or falling objects.

Coverage for your legal fees, court costs and compensation due to bodily injury claims brought against you.

Boat Insurance

Kattan-Ferretti can offer coverage for your boat or other watercraft. Contact Us for more information or a free quote from an experienced agent on the best way to protect your equipment.

Motorcycle Insurance

Our experienced agents will help protect you with a comprehensive insurance package to cover your bike on the road and when being transported by truck or trailer.

Recreational Vehicle (RV Insurance

When traveling in a RV, it’s crucial to be sure your vehicle has the proper coverage. Let our experts evaluate your current coverage, or offer a new quote.

  • Medical Expenses Benefit ($5,000 Limit Required) – necessary medical treatment and rehabilitative services. The following additional limits are available: $10,000 $ 50,000 $25,000 $100,000
  • Income Loss Benefit (Optional) – 80% of actual loss of gross income, including payment for reasonable expenses incurred for hiring a substitute to perform self employment services or for hiring special help enabling a person to work, only if this reduces loss of gross income.

The following limits are available:

  • $1,000 mo/$5,000 max.
  • $1,000 mo/$15,000 max.
  • $1,500 mo/$25,000 max.
  • $2,500 mo/$50,000 max.
  • $5,000 mo/$100,000 max.

(Optional) – payment to Insured’s personal representative (executor or administrator of estate) should injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident cause death within 24 months from the date of the accident.

Accidental Death Benefits

The following limits are available:

  • $5,000 $10,000 $25,000
    • Funeral Expenses Benefit (Optional) – reasonable and necessary expenses directly related to the funeral, burial, cremation or other means of disposing the remains of the deceased. The following limits are available:
  • $1,500 $2,500
    • Combination Package – A Combination Benefit Package of $ 177,500 is available. Coverages include a combination of medical, funeral, income loss and death benefits, subject to a maximum of $2,500 on funeral expenses and $25,000 on accidental death.
    • Extraordinary Medical Benefits – with a $1,000,000 lifetime aggregate limit, is available regardless of the FPB Medical Expenses Benefit limit purchased. It provides coverage for “catastrophic” injuries involving medical and rehabilitative expenses. Coverage begins when these expenses exceed $100,000. Payments are in units of $50,000 per year, except for the first 18 months of coverage eligibility.

For customers with Road Service added to their policy, you can always contact the towing company that you prefer, or to use ERIE’s Road Service call 800-FOR-ERIE (800-367-3743) and select option 2 to be connected directly to Agero, ERIE’s nationwide and recommended partner.

Road Service Coverage from Erie Insurance can help you with lockouts, flat tires, mechanical breakdowns and dead batteries, and it can even save the day when your car runs out of gas. It also covers the cost to pull your car out of the ditch or snow if you end up within 10 feet of the highway. If the distance is greater than 10 feet, there may be an out-of-pocket expense.

The program covers towing to the nearest service garage plus 20 miles. If you need to go beyond this mileage radius, you would pay the difference. Some roadside assistance programs limit emergency towing to 10 miles.

Vehicles eligible for coverage include cars, light trucks and motorcycles. The service also covers horse, livestock and other trailers that are pulled by vehicles that ERIE insures.

Another great thing about this add-on is that there’s no deductible and you don’t have to pay anything up front. The service is available 24/7, including holidays, anywhere in the United States.

If your pet gets hurt in an accident while riding in your car, we’ll help cover vet treatment costs. (Up to $500 per pet, total limit $1,000)

Provides coverage when you are injured in an accident caused by another person who either has no auto insurance or who has limits which are insufficient to cover your damages.

You may need a rental car to drive while your car is being repaired. We offer rental car expense coverage with lots of options to suit your needs.

Basic rental car coverage is automatically included in most states if you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage. That means if your car is disabled because of a fire, theft, glass damage or another claim that we may insure, you’re covered for a compact sedan rental car. If you need a bigger rental vehicle, you could buy additional coverage.

To have rental car coverage for collision losses, such as when you hit another car or a fence, building or pole, you would need to add the coverage to your policy.

*Coverages are subject to some limitations, exclusions and conditions.
Refer to the specific endorsement and the policy for details.
Coverages vary by state.

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