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How to Pick The Best Vehicle for a Teen Driver

When your teen driver starts learning to drive, it can be stressful. You want to make sure that they know all the rules of the road and are constantly focused while driving and safe at all times. But what many parents don’t consider is the vehicle they allow their child to drive. In many cases, the vehicle may not be safe.

Sure, teaching your child to drive is the most important part. The vehicle that your child drives should be the next important thing to consider. Whether it’s a hand me down, new or used, or even a shared vehicle, it is very important to know which vehicle is the safest for your teen driver.


When you have a teen driver, safety should be your highest priority. The first thing you should consider is what kind of horsepower the vehicle you are giving them has. Horsepower and teenagers don’t mix. By giving them a base model engine will keep them from temptation to test out the limits of the engine. Not only that, higher horsepower usually means a high risk of reckless driving.

Size Matters

When you think of a good teen car, many people think compact cars are the best size for teens. The reasoning behind this is they are less likely to have a car full of friends that will distract them. Unfortunately, this is not a good practice. Bigger heavier vehicles are the safest for your teen. Studies have shown that compact car owners are more likely to be injured in an accident than those in a larger vehicle.


Many newer cars have electronic stability control (ESC), electronic stability program (ESP), or dynamic stability control (DSC). Whichever you have, they are all relatively the same. It is a computerized technology that improves your vehicles stability. This technology is praised for cutting the single vehicle fatal crash in half. Any model built after 2012 will have this technology on board. Why is it important for your teen to have it? It will help your teen driver maneuver during unforeseen hazards such as, curvy roads and slippery roads.

For a full list of safe vehicles recommended for teen drivers, visit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They recently came out with 2017 Top Safety Picks that will help you choose the right vehicle for your teen driver.

For more teen driving tips, please visit our page.

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