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Making a Car Seat Safer for Children

New car technology is introduced each year to protect vehicle occupants during a crash. But many American’s don’t consider the same type of technology goes into making car seats safer for children.

The leading cause of unintentional deaths to children is automotive related. You can reduce the risk of death by 71% if you correctly install and use child safety seats.

It is very important that anytime you have a child in the car, you correctly use and install the car seat. 73% of car seats are not installed correctly and can lead to injury or death during a crash.

Resources for Car Seats

There are many different resources that will teach you how to properly install a car seat.  Safekids.org holds events all over the country.  

Many articles say that you should not purchase a used car seat. This isn’t entirely true. One risk involved with buying a used car seat is the possibility of not knowing if the car seat was involved in an accident.  If it was involved in an accident, it should be thrown away immediately because it is no longer safe. If you are buying or inheriting a car seat from someone you personally know, make sure you ask for a full crash history.

Parents should always wear their seatbelt. Children usually follow in their parent’s footsteps. This is the best way to set an example for your child.

Another great child safety tip is to never leave your child in the car unattended. Even if you will only be gone for a short while. You never know what could happen.

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