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What does Act 89 Mean For Pennsylvania Drivers?

Because of provisions in Act 89 of 2013, registered drivers no longer have to display the registration sticker on their license plate.In fact, after the 1st of January, stickers wont be issued at all.

So what does Act 89 mean for Pennsylvania drivers?

Even though the stickers are being eliminated through Act 89, drivers will still need to register/renew their vehicle. This process is planned to go smoother than the sticker issue. When renewing/registering a vehicle online, the customer now will have an option of saving a copy and printing a permanent registration card at any time. Eventually, it is planned to make this process smart phone adaptable. This will eliminate the need for any printing what so ever. It is still required to have this information available if asked by law enforcement, having a safety or emissions inspection.

How will law enforcement know I am registered?

Plate reader technology has many advantages over visual inspections. Now, law enforcement will be able to scan every license plate that travels past them. From there, ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) will be able to detect counterfeited, sold, affixed to dead plates, or applied to plates for which they were not intended. ALPR will notify the officer of expired registration and insurance policies.

This will give law enforcement an edge in the long run. ALPR technology can run allowing detection to happen whenever.

Over time, this new practice will allow Pennsylvania taxpayers to save $1.1 million per year and is estimated that $2 million will be saved in mailing costs.

For more information, questions or concerns, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website.

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