Judy RidillaCommercial Account Manager

    Judy has over 30 years’ experience as a licensed Insurance Agent and Commercial Account Manager. She first started her career with 2 major insurance carriers in the Pittsburgh area, eventually moving into the Insurance Agency sector. During that time developing her skills as an Account Manager. She was given the opportunity to help test the software that is now used for Agent licensing testing. She also has held various positions with insurance carriers such as Underwriting, Employee Committee President, and several Agent Advisory Committees for The Hartford Insurance Company and Merchants Insurance Group.

    She loves being involved with other business owners and was involved with the local Business Networking International Group for over 12 years and held various positions on the local chapter’s Board of Directors. She really enjoys working for Kattan Ferretti because she believes in honesty, respect, and integrity and transfers those qualities into her work with clients, and team members, always thinking of the client’s insurance needs first.

    As an accomplished stained-glass artist and painter, Judy loves spending time teaching paint classes at her art studio in Greensburg that she owns with her Daughter and has had many of her art pieces copywritten by a National art company. What better way to give back to people then to help them find their inner creativity?