Deciding what health insurance plan is right for you and your family is a difficult decision. Kattan-Ferretti Insurance has partnered with a number of quality health insurance companies and will help you find a health care plan that fits your needs as will as your budget.

Should you become disabled, it’s important that your income be sustained for you and your family. Kattan-Ferretti offers disability coverage with flexible features and competitive rates. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the need for disability coverage.

Choose from a variety of life insurance policies available to fit your personal needs.

  • Whole Life (permanent) life insurance or universal life insurance provides coverage for your entire life and builds cash value. (It just keeps building, even when you’re not looking.)
  • Term Insurance provides affordable coverage for a specific number of years.

Combine both term and permanent policies and you’ve got a customized protection package for your family.

  • Universal Life Insurance  Low cost protection, with an element of savings. Universal life insurance provides financial security for your family or business by combining the best features of term and permanent life insurance. It includes life insurance protection with an account value that earns tax-deferred interest. It can also be adjusted to meet your changing needs. Choose the amount of protection you want and design a premium schedule to match your budget.

Kattan-Ferretti can also help you save money for retirement. With so many different retirement savings plan options — 401(k), annuities, Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs — it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which plan is right for you. No matter how far along you are in your financial planning, Kattan-Ferretti can help.

Kattan-Ferretti Insurance provides its clients access to the investment management and financial planning services of Kattan-Ferretti Financial LP. Kattan-Ferretti Financial is a separately owned business and each company is independently responsible for the products and services they provide. Please click here to be redirected to Kattan-Ferretti Financial’s website for more information about their services.

Contact your local Kattan-Ferretti office for more information. When it comes to your health and life, we’ve got you covered.