Keeping your business and employees safe.

Kattan-Ferretti’s dedicated commercial accounts licensed agents are ready to handle your business insurance needs on your schedule, with a licensed Customer Service Representative assigned to each and every account.

  • LOSS CONTROL PROGRAM EVALUATION: After reviewing your current loss control program, we will offer recommendations for improved loss control performance. 
  • INDUSTRIAL SAFETY PROGRAMS: We will provide you with programs that reduce the number of accidents and injuries as well as overhead insurance costs. 
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES: We will provide tests and surveys to measure exposures such as : noise, chemicals, air borne contaminants, and heat stress. We will offer solutions to correct the problem areas. 
  • SAFETY TRAINING PROGRAMS: Various programs are available including: fleet safety & accident investigation, machine guarding, material handling, and industrial hygiene. 
  • PRODUCT LIABILITY CONTROL: Our Commercial Service Representatives will recommend the essential elements of a product loss control program. 
  • BUILDING COST ESTIMATION: After a physical inspection, we provide estimates of building replacement costs and actual cash value. You can use these to determine the proper insurance coverage.
The Kattan-Ferretti Commercial Insurance Difference

A+ rated carriers with special programs and pricing for most every class of business.

Our agents will identify discounts you qualify for based on:

  • Good claims history
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Building construction and fire prevention
  • Exceptional business practices
  • Clean driver history …and more

State of the art technology to get the job done fast and efficiently.