You’ve been in an auto accident, filed an auto insurance claim, and now your vehicle needs to be repaired. Look to Kattan Ferretti for help with the auto repairs.  We have several options that will help get you back up and running as soon as possible with a number of repair facilities options.

These options also apply if you have auto, commercial auto or garage auto insurance policies with ERIE.

Remember that no matter how large or small the loss, we need to know about it right away. Talk toyour Agent, call a local ERIE office near you or file your claim online.

Your Options.

ERIE’s auto repair options include the following car repair facilities and programs. Your adjuster can help in determining which of these options is best. 

Direct Repair Program (DRP)

The DRP includes independent auto repair shops and dealerships approved by Erie Insurance . With the DRP option, there is no need for a claims representative to estimate the damages to your vehicle. One of our qualified repair facilities (Find a Repair Facility) performs the estimates and vehicle repairs. Approved DRP shops also offer Erie Insurance Customers a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

Repair Shop of Your Choice

You may also choose from the many repair shop options in your own area (Find a Repair Facility).  If you prefer not to use or are not eligible to use Erie Insurance’s Direct Repair Program, you have the option of using the auto repair shop of your choice once your vehicle has been inspected and your estimate has been approved.

Field Inspection

If your vehicle is not safe to drive, and you do not wish to use ERIE’s Drive-In Claim Center or a DRP shop options, or your claim is not suitable to handle in a drive-in or DRP shop, a claims representative will come to your vehicle’s location to inspect and estimate the damages to the vehicle. 

Drive-In Claim Service

Another option in some areas is Erie Insurance’s Drive-In Claim Centers, which are staffed by Erie Insurance claims representatives who are trained to inspect your car and prepare auto repair estimates. While auto inspections are made by appointment only, the process usually takes about 30 minutes or less. If your car is safe to drive, you may be able to schedule a vehicle inspection at one of our convenient locations. 

Paintless Dent Repair

Appropriate for small dents and almost all hail damage where the paint is not damaged, paintless dent repair is a great option. With this method, you can retain your vehicle’s original factory finish and warranty. Minor auto repairs, such as a door ding, can take anywhere from 20 minutes to half a day. Some auto repairs can be handled by a mobile unit at your home or business. If needed, Erie Insurance claims adjusters can recommend auto repairers who specialize in paintless dent repair.

Auto Glass Repair

If you have damage only to your vehicle’s window glass, you may take advantage of Erie Insurance’s glass program. Our glass claims service will connect you with the glass shop of your choice, or help you find one of many auto repair facilities affiliated with ERIEGlassSM. Your glass claims representative will process the paperwork and even help you schedule a convenient windshield repair or replacement appointment with an affiliated glass shop. Call ERIEGlassSM at (800) 552-3743.

Total Loss

In order to determine whether your car is a total loss, an Erie Insurance claims representative will have to inspect the vehicle. If the vehicle cannot or is not to be repaired after that inspection, we will settle your auto insurance claim on a total loss basis.

If you need to replace your car, use this VIN look-up tool to make sure the car you’re thinking about buying wasn’t reported stolen or totaled following an accident.

For more information on repair options, refer to ERIE’s claim process or talk to your Kattan Ferretti Insurance Agent.