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Business Insurance

Got a Business? Get Affordable Coverage.

Kattan Ferretti Insurance offers a wide variety of business insurance policies that meet the unique needs of your business regardless of size.

We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike; therefore, no one policy or insurance carrier is perfect for every business.roof_callout2

Our special approach provides the information you need to make informed decisions based on your particular needs. We assume a consultative role to provide the best possible coverage so you can concentrate on growing a profitable business.

For many years businesses have recognized the importance of reducing their risk of loss. Minimizing losses and claims is the key factor in the reduction of overall insurance costs for your business. Our goal is to help you reduce your risk of loss by supplementing your present loss control procedures with a wide variety of loss control programs and services.

We begin by offering discounts and experience credits on your Property, Liability, Auto, and Worker’s Compensation policies to make our rates more competitive.

Your Business’s Most Important Assets Are Your Employees.

More than that, your benefits program can actually help your bottom line. A healthy, secure employee is a more productive employee. Kattan Ferretti Insurance offers benefits strategies designed to enhance and protect the lives of your employees, your work environment and everyone’s financial well-being by reducing health risks and safety hazards that drive up insurance rates.

Is Your Company Getting The BEST VALUE On Health Insurance Coverage?

The right healthcare plan makes all the difference. Healthcare has become such an important employee benefit that, if you don’t have the right healthcare plan, you might be losing your key employees to your competition. You might also be spending yourself out of business.

Now is the time to get a second opinion on all of your company’s healthcare benefits. We’ve been helping local businesses since 1940 and we are ready to put our specialized insurance resources at your disposal. We’ll work hard to help keep you in business, so you can focus your attention on profits and growth.